Friday, October 19, 2012

Sticky Note Special

Is not this invention spectacular? These all-purpose labels come with a gentle adhesive strip on the top of one side, sporting dazzling neon colors in several different shades!

They also come in digital form to help you remember things. Some even come with an appropriate label on them.
... However, they can be abused.
Stay tuned!
                        -Agent One

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

sixth posting

I notice now, after a few days of not posting that my last few postings were about me being mad about people not labeling everything. As an act of thanks for those of you who do endeavor in promoting this cause, I publish upon this blog a praiseworthy label of a devoted labeler out working in the field.    plastic wrapped bananas! What a delightful stroke of ingenuity! With a strong soar of renewed self esteem in being a leader in this great work, a rather excited Agent One closes.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

fifth posting

there are no words for my hate for these mysterious cans.
this is an angry Agent One, signing off.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

fourth post

I, agent one, am in quite a state of indignity. I have been receiving offensive messages attempting to explain the obscene idea that labeling obvious objects is neither productive nor helpful. What a dense mind to think such heretics' thoughts! Do they not realize that we are educating the world and uplifting the moral integrity of our peers in this practice? Why do they so readily reject the faultless logic behind this plot to label the world. I tell you this: there can be no explanation for this madness other than these people grew up in unorganized homes where they could not find anything because of lack of labeling. Their parents never taught them the true beauty of the practice, so they naturally had troubled childhoods. They will not likely come to appreciate this marvelous operation because of such improper upbringing. Long live the Labelors! Spread awareness everyday to avoid letting more innocent bystanders fall into the category of troubled childhood. Save the world from such ignorance. Label your notebook [notebook], title your bed sheets at the hem with a permanent marker, go green and leave the labels on everything you get from the dollar store. In this way and any other way you can think of, you save the world. This is Agent One, signing off.

third posting

Are we not more capable in our language than those learning it?! Let me explain. In a recent visit to a Spanish speaking classroom learning English, I encountered several praiseworthy laminated note cards placed around the room with the simple task of labeling set before them. However, when I visited and English classroom learning English, I did not find such note worthy note cards such as the nice little ones I found in the spanish speaking classroom. What a dilema! To appropriately express this emotion in empathy for this cause, label a note card:
[in lamentable distress]
and make a face to suit. Thank you for your empathy.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

second post

greetings, devoted or not followers of this important cause and even more important blog. it has come to my attention that we are not alone. Kindergarten classes everywhere are and have been putting this project into practice. Even by setting a small note card on your place of study labeled as such:
, you contribute and tell the world that you have not forgotten what you have been taught by your devoted instructor as a small child. remember your first loyalties. 
However, leave not this task only to the little ones to be forgotten with age as they lose sight of the importance of labeling. Arrange the letter magnets on your fridge in the following manner:
and you will feel satisfied.

Monday, April 2, 2012

first posting

this is my first post on this cool new blog about labeling everything. there are so many people who don't know what things are and they need our help. start your contribution to the world now by taking out a note card and labeling it appropriately:
[note card]
this is immensely important. as you take this into practice, you will gain awareness to this important cause. this is the beginning of a movement to change the world forever. nothing will ever be the same. this is agent 1 signing off beginning this great mission to 
Label The World.