Wednesday, April 4, 2012

fourth post

I, agent one, am in quite a state of indignity. I have been receiving offensive messages attempting to explain the obscene idea that labeling obvious objects is neither productive nor helpful. What a dense mind to think such heretics' thoughts! Do they not realize that we are educating the world and uplifting the moral integrity of our peers in this practice? Why do they so readily reject the faultless logic behind this plot to label the world. I tell you this: there can be no explanation for this madness other than these people grew up in unorganized homes where they could not find anything because of lack of labeling. Their parents never taught them the true beauty of the practice, so they naturally had troubled childhoods. They will not likely come to appreciate this marvelous operation because of such improper upbringing. Long live the Labelors! Spread awareness everyday to avoid letting more innocent bystanders fall into the category of troubled childhood. Save the world from such ignorance. Label your notebook [notebook], title your bed sheets at the hem with a permanent marker, go green and leave the labels on everything you get from the dollar store. In this way and any other way you can think of, you save the world. This is Agent One, signing off.

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